Weingut Bernhard Ott  “Qvevre,” Grüner Veltliner 2013

Weingut Bernhard Ott “Qvevre,” Grüner Veltliner 2013

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Weingut Bernhard Ott- Owning some of the best vineyards in the country, the Ott family has been growing and producing wine in the Wagram region of Austria since 1889. The family owns 28 hectares of vineyards--just under 70 acres--all of which are farmed biodynamically.  Bernhard Ott represents the fourth generation of the family  and, since taking over management of the winery in 1995, he has become an icon in the industry.  Primarily a producer of Grüner Veltliner, Ott produces smaller quantities of Riesling, and yet smaller quantities of Sauvignon Blanc.

Ott “Qvevre,” Grüner Veltliner 2013 - This is a fascinating wine...about as natural as a wine can get.  It’s an amphora--or “orange”--wine, though it’s not at all orange.  Bernhard buries large amphora in soil, fills them with hand-destemmed grapes, crushing a few, and then covers the amphora with beeswax.  The only yeast involved in the fermentation is the indigenous yeast on the grape skins.  Several months later, he ladles with wine out and lets it settle to clear as much as possible, before bottling it unfined and unfiltered.

The translucence of the wine is a hallmark of its natural origin and handling.  It also has a little spritz.  It is otherwise soft, with notes of melon, flowers and stone fruits.  Perhaps because of the beeswax seal, there are also beeswax/honey notes.

The bottle has a glazed opaqueness to it, echoing both the amphora and the translucence of the wine within.

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Winemaker - Bernhard Ott

Agriculture - Biodynamic

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