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Front Porch Red 2013 Biodynamic Red Blend
Front Porch Red 2013 Biodynamic Red Blend

Winemaker Notes

Syrah brings dark color, backbone and deep notes to the nose. Grenache gives the mid-palate richness and higher floral aromatics while Mourvedre adds structure and spice. 2013 was a remarkable vintage that provided with a bountiful harvest of high quality fruit. Flesh, fruit, intriguing aromas of sandal wood, sweet spices, licorice and a silkiness not unlike a Pinot with a southern accent. This wine shows openness and expressive spicy and fruity flavors with an accessibility that shouldn't make you overlook its aging potential.


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From the winery:

Coming after a rich and flavorful 2012 vintage, our 2013 Front Porch Red doesn’t disappoint, maintaining the same level of complexity and food friendliness as its predecessor.

The nose brings to mind Fall flavors ~ baking spices, orange/cranberry relish ~ as well as fragrant raspberry liqueur. Silky and round on the palate, there is enough acidity and liveliness to lighten up and balance any rich autumnal fare.

This truly delicious wine could play dead ringer in a Gigondas/Chateauneuf-de-Pape blind tasting but is really meant to shine at the dinner table.

Made From

47% Grenache

32% Syrah

21% Mourvèdre

Our Winemaking Philosophy

We believe in our grapes and we don't feel the need to inoculate our fermentation with selected yeast or feed them with inorganic nutrients or overprotect them with large amounts of sulfur dioxide. We also believe that blending enhances a wine's balance and complexity which is why we planted grapes that have historically worked well together. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to a vintage's characteristics and deliver compelling wines year after year.

We are certified organic, and we believe in keeping the microflora and microfauna in our soils as well as our beneficial insects alive and striving. Roots and leaves need allies; they cannot do it alone in a sustainable way. We are not just growing plants; we are also supporting a whole ecosystem, and this takes time, experience, and dedication.


Front Porch Farm lies in the far northeastern reaches of the Russian River Valley. While the mornings here are quite cool, mid-day brings sun and warmth, and then, late afternoon winds roll through to quell the heat. 

Organic Since the Beginning

We think sustainable and conscious farming makes a huge difference. That’s why our vineyards are meticulously farmed and certified organic.

Peter and Mimi


Mimi and Peter started farming organic blueberries in 2009 at Riverbend Farm in Oregon. In 2010 they acquired Front Porch Farm, formerly a vineyard, and began to build a farm guided by the principle that diversity is nature’s basic pattern. They have shared work experiences in business, design, education, and conservation in both the USA and Europe.

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